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Magisterial District Judge

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Harry J. Karapalides, Esquire

Harry J. Karapalides, Esquire

Professional Credentials:

18 years as Magisterial District Judge in Upper Darby Township and Borough of Millbourne

Administered over 120,000 cases

Presided over many high-profile cases in Upper Darby and Millbourne

Practicing attorney for 35 years with offices in Upper Darby

Graduate of Delaware Law School of Widener University, J.D., and Widener University, B.A.

Admitted to practice in the PA and NJ Courts

Member of the Delaware County Bar Association

Past-President and member of the Delaware County Magisterial District Judge Association

Former Solicitor, Millbourne Borough, Delaware County

Former Chairman, Delaware County Personnel Grievance Committee

Former legal clerk, General Counsel Office, United States Dept. of Commerce, Washington D.C.

Community Service and Involvement:

Panelist for Delaware County Bar Association presentations

Assistant Baseball Coach for Holy Child Academy

Frequent guest lecturer at college classes, local social and civic organizations, and supporter of Upper Darby and Millbourne businesses

Past president and other offices of many local civic non-profit organizations, including Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia, Inc. and Federation of Hellenic American Societies and Greek Orthodox Churches of Philadelphia and Delaware Valley, Inc.

Member of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Upper Darby, PA


A son of immigrant parents, he has lived and worked in Upper Darby for past 35 years.

Father of two daughters: Christina and Demetra (Christina, the owner of TIA Journey child-care center, Upper Darby, PA)

Published author: Historical novels, historical non-fiction work, and magazine articles. Text book, “Dates of the American Revolution: The Who, What, and Where in the American Revolution,” has been cited in archeological digs in Williamsburg, VA and revolutionary fort in SC.

Documentaries: Musical direction, co-writer, musical selection, and producer of several documentaries of local interests.

Upper Darby Council

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Meaghan Wagner 1st District

As a 1999 graduate of Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School where she was the Valedictorian, Meaghan Wagner was raised in Delaware County and has been able to truly see Upper Darby grow over time. Her dedication to academia and professionalism speak for themselves, as she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors from Temple University in Political Science, and went on to obtain a law degree from The James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. Because of not only her necessary professional background but also her commitment to the Township as a whole, Meaghan Wagner is seeking your support for the Upper Darby’s 1st District Council seat.

As a former Delaware County Prosecutor and now private defense attorney, Meaghan will bring a unique perspective to a number of critical issues currently confronting the township including, but certainly not limited to, keeping our streets safe, our senior citizens, and holding local government accountable.

During her lifetime, Meaghan has been proven to be truly resilient, as she has not only an impressive professional background, but is also a cancer survivor. She is a true fighter for Upper Darby Township and those who live within it, making her a person who can spearhead change for citizens in the 1st district, and the community as a whole.

Brian Andruszko 3rd District

A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and an Upper Darby native, Brian Andruszko is seeking your support for Upper Darby’s 3rd District Council Seat. During his adult life, he has been heavily involved throughout the community especially within Saint Bernadette's Parish. There, he was the Vice President of CYO, Development Chair of the Advisory Board, and the President of the Alumni Association.

Upper Darby is near and dear to Brian, and he is seeking the Council seat because he wants see a better Upper Darby. It has been his home for the past 23 years, and believes the township is a special place that offers things you will not find anywhere else, and that is the reason so many people never leave.

There is no doubt we have challenges facing us in Upper Darby, but he does not think the best days of this township are behind us. He hopes to bring a fresh, new energy into our Township Council, and work to unite the next generation to bring Upper Darby to new heights.

Bill Scott 5th District

Bill Scott

A Philadelphia native and resident of Drexel Hill since 1998 with his wife, Gail who he married in 1999, Bill Scott is running for Upper Darby’s 5th Council Seat and is formerly seeking your nomination. Bill joined the Marine Corps in 1985 and was both reserve and active until 1994. He was deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and was then discharged honorably in 1994. Following his time in the military, he has been involved in the trucking industry where he has made his way up to a supervisor and manager. In this profession, he has been able to make a great living with minimal training, along with smart working skills.

Bill has been all over the world and has seen its entirety, but he lives in, works in and loves Upper Darby Township. He is running for the Council seat because he believes there should be more accountability within our local government, and more respect for the citizens who live within the 5th district along with the community as a whole. During his term, Bill wishes to continue to make Upper Darby a great place for residents to raise a family.

Council At-Large

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Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones, a long-time resident of Upper Darby Township with his wife and children, is seeking your nomination for the office of Council At-Large for the township this election cycle. As a local soccer coach, insurance provider, and among other things, a member of the Upper Darby Economic Development Committee, Jeff has the true experience to serve and enhance all areas of the Upper Darby community.

He is stepping up to the plate and seeking your nomination because your Township deserves leaders who have not only the necessary experience to be a great leader, but someone whose hand has been on the pulse of the community that ensures him to truly advocate for you. We all want to allow our children to play outside on safe streets, live within our financial means, and ensure that we have well-equipped emergency responders to protect our citizens. Jeff’s common sense approach to policy allows him to do just that, and his wide range of experiences gives him the ability to bring a fresh perspective to Upper Darby.

If elected, common sense legislation and fiscal responsibility will be reflected in the policy by the Upper Darby Council, and Jeff will continue to put people before party in order to initiate change in the community and serve the Township as a whole.

Steve Cianciola

Steve Cianciola

Steve Cianciola, an Upper Darby Township native and current resident, is seeking your endorsement for Council At-Large this election cycle. Steve spent his early years within the township as he attended Saint Dorothy’s School, Cardinal O’Hara, and then eventually Widener University which laid the foundation for his professional life that followed. He is the Senior LED Lighting Specialist and a business partner of NGU Sports Lighting which is uniquely based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. His professionalism and involvement in the community is evident, as he is the Vice President of the Saint Dorothy Advisory Board and is the President of Llanerch Hills Baseball.

His dedication to the Upper Darby community, his professional background, leadership skills, and clear vision for the township makes him a great candidate for Council At-Large. He believes that we need to bring the values that we hold back into the community, and build a township that allows its citizens to thrive. Not only does this mean allowing small businesses to prosper within the area, but also giving our children the opportunity to grow up in a safe, and healthy environment. Steve has a plan, and if elected, he will only continue to show his true leadership skills and ensure every resident of Upper Darby is taken care of.


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Dave Schaeffer

Dave Schaeffer

Dave Schaffer is your official candidate for Upper Darby Township Treasurer, and is seeking your endorsement this election cycle. He has been a true resident of Upper Darby throughout the years, as he attended St. Andrew’s for grade school, went on to graduate from Monsignor Bonner Catholic High School, and then obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Sociology of Law from the University of Delaware. He also is the Office Manager of Schaffer Sound Productions, where he manages day to day operations and leads a large team. Aside from his professional life, Dave is a true leader within the community as he has been a Volunteer Coach for Drexel Hill Little League, a Coaching Volunteer for Upper Darby Soccer, and a Social Member and Supporter of the American Legion Manoa Post.

Dave decided to run for Treasurer because he believes that Upper Darby Township needs to have more accountability and transparency, especially when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars. If elected, he will analyze every expenditure and ensure that it is a great and financially smart decision for all of those who reside in Upper Darby. You deserve to have a leader that is competent, and one that will remain considerate of your dollars while giving you the best public services. Due to his longtime professional experience managing day to day financial operations and commitment to the community, Dave Shaffer is the best candidate for this position and he will serve you with dignity and integrity.

School Board

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Frank Guglielmelli

A South Philadelphia native and resident of Upper Darby township for the last 18 years, Frank Guglielmelli has dedicated his entire adult life to education. He began his education career by attending catholic school for 12 years, then completing high school at Bishop Neumann High School. Frank then went on to the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, in addition to earning a degree from Temple University. Following his own schooling, he began teaching at 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade at Saint Elizabeth’s School in Philadelphia where he eventually worked for the School District of Philadelphia. Since his retirement, he has started his own Voice Acting business where he aids people with public speaking skills, commercial scripts, and E-Learning.

Frank’s extensive educational background, along with his professional qualifications and leadership skills, makes him an ideal candidate for an Upper Darby Township School Board seat. If elected, Frank will make sure that our schools are structured in a way that will allow the children within the school district to thrive academically. He also would like to help set a vision for the curriculum that is being taught within our schools, and ensure that it includes material that is beneficial to their learning. Frank has the necessary experience and leadership skills that make him a great candidate to be on the Upper Darby Township School Board, and he is officially seeking your endorsement this election cycle.

Oswald Okebata

Oswald Okebata

Oswald Okebata is a Niegerian-American who has been an Upper Darby resident for the last 19 years and is graduate of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania which is a historical black college where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Following his graduation, he went on to work in the Department of the Auditor General working as a Auditor and then Auditor Supervisor. Not only is Oswald a board member of the Bywood Community Association, but he is the secretary of the Ikemba Organization USA Inc., which is a nonprofit organization that serves the interest of the Nigerian community in the Delaware Valley Area.

Oswald is a husband and father to two sons and two daughters, which are his primary reasons for running for the School Board seat. As a former State auditor, he understood public finance and budgeting incredibly well, which will serve the school district very well in managing and allocating the resources made available to the district by the taxpayers of Upper Darby and Pennsylvania. This township, in particular, is a growing multicultural and diverse community, and having someone from this community will only aid in forming a curriculum that works for everyone. One of Oswald’s key beliefs is that education is the best thing that we can give to our kids, so he is deciding to not stand by, but to participate in making the Upper Darby School District one of the best in the country by offering to serve on the Upper Darby School Board come January 2022.

Rosemary Davis

Rosemary Davis

Rosemary lived in Philadelphia until she was married in 1980, where she originally settled in the Highland Park/Beverly Hills section of the township and remained there for 20 years, then moved to Drexel Hill where she currently resides. From an early age, she had been exposed to some wonderful teachers and wanted to emulate them. At some point, her focus shifted, and she switched to a Political Science/economics major. After graduation from Chestnut Hill College, Rosemary began working for Colonial Penn Insurance Company as a claims examiner. Over the course of the next few years, she obtained my MBA and the next few years were spent in a succession of pursued positions in the financial industry ultimately becoming a Municipal Bond Analyst. When her children were born, she decided to remain at home with them. During that time, she began to work towards her Master of Education, and began teaching at Holy Spirit School in Sharon Hill. Rosemary also taught at Annunciation School in Havertown until she left to take care of family responsibilities. She began working with high school students to help them prepare for college admission, assisting with applications, essays and meeting deadlines. Ultimately, she decided to reenter the education field, this time as a student, in pursuit of her doctorate in Educational Leadership. While completing her doctorate, she had the opportunity to work at Saint Joseph’s University with student athletes became available, and she remains in that position today.

Rosemary believes every child in this District deserves a quality education. The issue is while there are dedicated professionals working with our students on a regular basis, we are unable to reach our full potential largely due to financial constraints. In her current position, she sees students from multiple school districts, sees on a first-hand basis the discrepancies in education that are based primarily where a student lives. Rosemary hopes to be able to work with other members of the Board to ensure that students from Upper Darby receive the same quality education as those from areas that are able to generate better funding for their schools.

Jim Plummer

Jim Plummer

Jim Plummer, a candidate for the Upper Darby Township School Board, has been a resident of Upper Darby Township for 42 years with his wife Nancy and three children. A veteran of the United States Army and current Professor at Eastern University, Jim has a wide range of experience to ensure that he will be an outstanding advocate for your children. He recently graduated December 2020 with two degrees simultaneously, a Doctorate in Management and Strategic Leadership from Thomas Jefferson University and a Master’s in Healthcare Law from the University of Oklahoma. Particularly, Jim is a professional and experienced leader in the world of Healthcare, as he is a Group Administrator for Axia Women’s Health Group and has worked in a number of health systems.

As Jim has obtained five different degrees and has been a resident of Upper Darby Township for quite some time, he firmly believes in the quality of public school education. Not only does he want to be able to set a clear vision for the Upper Darby School District, but he also wants to be a part of a team that can influence the fiscal health of the school district as a whole. Jim will be an excellent advocate for your children on all levels of government, trying to make our schools better day by day.


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Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly is a lifelong resident of Upper Darby Township and a graduate of Monsignor Bonner Catholic High School. Jack is seeking reelection for the Pennsylvania State Constable position this election cycle. Jack is a proud graduate of the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Academy, Pennsylvania State Constable Academy, Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Academy at Dickinson Law School, and is certified annually with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. His dedication to law enforcement spans over 38 years, as he has held positions as Constable, Deputy Constable, and Delaware County Deputy Sheriff. Jack remains involved in the township as a member of Saint Eugene’s Parish, as well as a SAL Member of the American Legion, Post 214, Upper Darby. He is also a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Jack is seeking your endorsement for Constable because he has the experience, education and training necessary to hold the position. As the incumbent Constable, Jack has the necessary credentials and is dedicated to preserving the peace and performing his judicial duties with fidelity. During his term, Jack has and will continue to serve the citizens of Upper Darby with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. He wants to ensure that all residents of Upper Darby can live in a community where they feel respected and protected.

Jack resides in Upper Darby Township with his wife Carolyn. They have one son, Brendan.

Ernie Aguirre

A current resident of Westbrook Park and lifelong resident of Upper Darby Township with his wife and two children, Ernie Aguirre is seeking your endorsement for the Pennsylvania State Constable. His profession in law enforcement began when he graduated from the Philadelphia Police Academy in 1989, where he then not only obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University, but where he began working at the University of Pennsylvania as a police officer. Following this, he went on to work for Upper Darby Township Police Department where he was an officer for 11 years, working in the Anti-Crime Undercover Unit. After his time here, Ernie began working in Real Estate and is concurrently a member of the Delaware County Board of Assessment Appeals.

Ernie is seeking the position as constable because he has seen first hand how to keep communities safe through his lifetime involvement in law enforcement. He can provide the residents of Upper Darby with a safe environment especially within the courts. The court system relies heavily on utilizing an efficient and full time constable. Ernie will serve as both. With that being said, he would also like to establish an exemplary working relationship with the Courts, Police Department, and the School District to be able to ensure that we are keeping our citizens safe on every level.

The people of Upper Darby deserve to be represented and serviced with Honesty, Dedication, Integrity, and Competence, and because of his lifetime commitment to keeping people safe along with his lifelong involvement with the community itself, Ernie Aguirre would be a great Constable.

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